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About Us 
About ICL FE C.V.

ICL FE C.V- together with our partner company, ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH - supplies over one million tons of high-grade fertilizer products each year to customers throughout Europe. 

A business unit of ICL Fertilizers, ICL FE C.V. produces a broad range of granular and powder fertilizer products from our high-capacity, multi-purpose plant in Amsterdam. Over the years, we have consistently built our capacity, flexibility and responsiveness to meet our customers’ sophisticated and changing needs. 

In the 1980s, ICL FE C.V. offered only a single product. Today, we manufacture and ship over 90 tailor-made P, PK and NPK products to European farmers who require high-quality fertilization, precisely matched to their crops.

Timely delivery of our products is critical - and our plant in Amsterdam is ideally situated, with convenient access to all means of transportation, from sea-going vessels and coasters to barges and trucks. We also benefit from the many shared synergies of other ICL Fertilizers businesses in Europe - so that we can provide our customers with enhanced production, storage and delivery options.

The sale and distribution of ICL FE C.V. products is coordinated through ICL Fertilizers Europe.

Contact ICL FE C.V. to find out more and see how we can meet your fertilizer needs.

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