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Environmental Policy 

In West Europe (the Netherlands, Germany) the governments are known for their strict environmental policy concerning chemical industries. This means that within the ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V. organisation, the environment takes an important place in the company's operational activities. An Environmental Care System is integrated in the daily activities of all the operational employees and is written down in the  ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality procedures. ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V. is committed to increase the communication with the stakeholders including authorities, by having an operational Company Environmental Plan. In this Company Environmental Plan the policy, strategy and goals are written down. In the Annual Environmental Report, the results of the Company's Environmental Plan are reported as well as the level of air and water emissions.

Nutrient recycling

  • ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V. actively supports the policy of the Dutch government to recycle phosphates and in general plant nutrients. Our R&D department possesses the ability to test the usability of various types of materials. At the moment ICL FE C.V. is participating in several projects to recycle nutrients into fully functional fertilizers.

Safety policy

ICL FE C.V. keeps records and analyses the lost injuries, frequency and severity rates of accidents involving personnel. Comparisons with fellow producers over the world shows ICL FE C.V. has lower than average injury rates.

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