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Our History 

Time Line
ICL FE C.V. produces a broad range of granular and powder fertilizer products from our high-capacity, multi-purpose plant in Amsterdam. Over the years, we have consistently built our capacity, flexibility and responsiveness to meet our customers' sophisticated and changing needs.

Historic Milestones

  • 1907 Original fertilizer plant in Amsterdam built (Amsterdamsche Superfosfaatfabriek).
  • 1982  Acquired from DSM by Israel Chemicals Ltd., Amsterdam Fertilizers B.V. (Amfert) established. 
  • 1987  Plant in Ludwigshafen acquired by Israel Chemicals Ltd., Amsterdam Fertilizers Deutschland OHG established. 
  • 1989  Merger of Rotem Fertilizers Ltd. and Amfert and establishment of a French branch of Amfert. 
  • 1991  Merger of Rotem/Amfert with Negev Phosphates Ltd.
  • 2008  Amfert transfers its acitivies to ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V.
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