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Organic Agriculture
Organic agriculture virtually excludes the use of synthetic chemicals. Under organic farming systems, the fundamental and natural processes of ecosystems such as soil microorganism activities and nutrient cycling – become crop management tools.  

Organic fertilizers include natural minerals, animal manures, compost, animal bones, fish meal, straw, wood ash, peat moss, etc. The criterion is that they should not have any chemically manufactured or synthetic content.  

Some mineral fertilizers, although not organic in the sense that they are derived from organic matter, are admitted for organic agriculture. This is because they are naturally occurring minerals that have not been chemically processed. ICL Fertilizers' Ferti-K (potash for fertigation) and Arad PR (reactive phosphate rock) fall into this category: Ferti-K comes from minerals precipitating naturally in the evaporation pans of the Dead Sea without any chemical process, and Arad is a natural rock found in the Negev Desert.

ICL Fertilizers' line of organic products
ICL Fertilizers offers a basket of 100% natural fertilizers, suitable for use in organic agriculture. Our organic line is designed to provide the nutrients necessary to produce healthy, high-quality crops organically. These products are certified by PPIS (Plant Protection & Inspection Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel) and Agrior Ltd. (Organic Inspection and Certification from I.B.O.A.A.), and comply with the standards of the IFOAM and EEC regulation no. 2092/91.

They include:

  • Ferti-K: natural, pure white KCl for application through irrigation systems (fertigation);

  • Arad: natural reactive phosphate rock for direct application in acid soils and for mixing with organic composts;

  • Polysulphate: Polysulphate™ from Cleveland Potash is a new naturally occurring mineral fertiliser containing the sulphates of potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is a complex crystal product which has been discovered at a depth of 1300 metres in the Cleveland Potash mine in the UK and is found in few other places in the world.

  • Sylvinite: A natural rock that provides a high-quality potassium and sodium product for either straight or blended application. It is mined in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park in Britain by Cleveland Potash (CPL). It is included in the EC List of Authorized Fertilizers for Organic Production.

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