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Awards and Prizes 

"Beautiful Industry" prize

Dead Sea Works has repeatedly been awarded "Beautiful Industry" prizes. These prestigious awards, presented annually by the National Council for a Beautiful Israel, are given according to stringent criteria for judging the cleanliness and aesthetics of the interior and surroundings of industrial facilities. For 23 years, Dead Sea Works has been among the highest-ranking organizations in the "Council for a Beautiful Israel" competition, winning four and five "Stars of Beauty". In 1999 we were awarded the "Council for a Beautiful Israel Fellow" flag.

  Five Stars Award (in Hebrew) click here to enlarge (140K)

Environmental award to industry

Dead Sea Works was also awarded the "Environment Preservation Trustee" award by the Minister of the Environment.

Quarantine integrity for bulk in-ship fertilizer

Dead Sea Works has been awarded "Level 1 System Status" for bulk in-ship fertilizer by the Australian Government (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service). This status is awarded based on a demonstrated commitment to ensuring that quarantine integrity is maintained through recognized contamination management strategies being implemented throughout the supply chain and continuing compliance with the requirements of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.

  Level 1 System Status click here to enlarge (85K)


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