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Since 1996, we are operating a new fully modern salt refinery. Our Refined Salts are product of a natural and evironmentally friendly process out of the unique Dead Sea Waters. The process is mainly a solar evaporation process, which takes advantage of the climatic conditions at the Dead Sea area. All the manufacturing is done in a close circuit production and packed automatically to avoid contamination of any kind.  The final result is a natural, high purity product that can be tailor fitted to the customer's requirements.
We also produce Salt Tablets for the water softening industry.


 Fine Grade  Coarse Grade Granular Grade

Table Salt

Food Industry

Water Softening

Food industry

Meat Preservation

Food Industry


Fishery and Seafood Preservation


Fine chemicals



Seasoning mixtures

 Animal Feed


Typical Analysis:

Chemical Analysis


NaCl 99.9 %

Fine Grade 0 - 0.8 mm

Mg++ 0.01 %

Coarse Grade 0.8 - 2 mm

Ca++ 0.01 %

Granular Grade 1 - 4 mm

H2O 0.05 %



  MSDS Salt

Packing Available:

  • 25 kg and  50 kg PE bags
  • 1000 kg  and 1500 kg. PE/PP bags bags
  • Bulk
  • Minimum order one 20' FCL
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