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About us 

About Fertilizers & Chemicals
Fertilizers & Chemicals, a business unit of ICL Fertilizers, is the largest supplier to Israel's agricultural market of high-grade fertilizer products.

We cater to the sophisticated Israeli agriculture with a broad range of products. These products include potash, phosphate fertilizers and granulated NPK fertilizers, as well as specialty fertilizers that help growers achieve higher yields and better quality. Our specialty products include liquid NPK formulations, fully-soluble NPK fertilizers, monopotassium phosphate (PeaKĀ®), micronutrients formulations and fertilizers for foliar application.

We as well handle the sale and distribution to the Israeli market the products produced by our fellow ICL Fertilizers businesses, Dead Sea Works, Rotem Amfert Negev and Rotem Turkey.

This enables us to provide our customers in Israel with a single, convenient source for the widest selection of high-quality fertilizer products, grades and formulations - delivered economically, in the shortest amount of time.

Contact Fertilizers & Chemicals to find out how we can help meet your precise needs.

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