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Precision Agriculture 

Precision agriculture is the ability of collecting and processing data from agricultural fields, with the objective of applying inputs with maximum efficiency, while considering the spatial and temporal variability of the field.

We offer the following technologies to Israeli farmers:

  1. Soil EC Mapping Systems: the field is scanned and monitored with the aid of a sensor that measures the electrical conductivity at two soil depths.  The conductivity is recorded along with the GPS coordinates and easily down-loaded in a map that identify areas of contrasting soil properties. This assists in the task of soil sampling and serves as an additional layer for precision fertilization.
  2. GIS Services: with the aid of geographic information systems (GIS), maps of fields or farms are created with different layers (yield map, EC map, soil sampling, remote sensing, etc.), allowing the precise application of inputs according to the variability of the field.
  3. Precision Sampling: soil sampling with the guidance of global positioning system (GPS), which allows to precisely locate position in the field.
  4. Precision Fertilization: application of liquid fertilizers guided by GPS, following a fertilization plan designed with GIS software.
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