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FERTI-K is a novel superior-grade potash for fertigation; it is pure potassium chloride containing at least 61% K2O, is pure white in color and is readily soluble. It does not clog the emitters of drippers or the filters, thanks to its very low level of insolubles (<750 ppm) and its minimal chemical interactions with irrigation water and other nutrients.

FERTI-K is ideal for use with drip, jet and sprinkler irrigation systems. It can be applied either as a solid, in "by-pass" fertilization tanks, or in solution via fertigation pumps. Farmers can easily prepare clear liquid solution fertilizers at their fields by mixing FERTI-K with urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, mono-potassium phosphate (MKP) and other soluble fertilizers.

FERTI-K is used extensively for fertigation of citrus orchards, apples and other deciduous trees, cotton, maize, potatoes, sugar cane, tomatoes, melons, and many other horticultural and field crops. FERTI-K is an ideal and inexpensive solution for fertigation.

FERTI-K has been approved in Israel for use in organic farming. It is certified by the IBBOA (Israel Bio-Organic Agriculture Association) in accordance with the standards of IFOAM and EEC regulation no. 2092/9, and by PPIS (Plant Protection and Inspection Services) of the Ministry of Agriculture if Israel. Ferti-K is a natural mineral product, manufactured without any chemical or synthetic reactions.

Organic certificate PPIS (273K)
Organic certificate Agrior (337K)

Produced at: Dead Sea Works

General Specifications / Typical Properties
Product CategorySoluble fertilizers
Nutrient Composition0-0-61
NutrientsCl K
Terms Of Use