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PeKacid™ is new, a highly acidic (pH = 2.2), fully-soluble phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizer formulated for fertigation applications for calcareous soils and/or high bicarbonate content irrigation waters. An “acid in the bag" product, the use of PeKacid replaces the conventional application of technical- and agricultural-grade phosphoric acid, resulting in an easier, safer and more effective fertilization process.

PeKacid™ is an acidic PK fertilizer for fertigation with formula 0-60-20 (60% P2O5 and 20% K2O). Pekacid is a crystalline product, nitrogen free as well as sodium and chlorine free.

PeKacid™ is intended for soil-less as well as open-field horticulture fertigation applications, and is well-suited for use in blends of fully-soluble fertilizers as a tool for incorporating calcium, magnesium and micronutrients into the mixed fertilizers. Due to its acidic nature, PeKacid has an anticlogging action and enhances nutrients’ uptake.

See the effect of Pekacid in lowering the pH when added to a water sample of high pH: 

Produced at: Rotem Amfert Negev

General Specifications / Typical Properties
Product CategorySoluble fertilizers
Nutrient Composition0-60-20
NutrientsP K
Terms Of Use