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Safety and Health Policy
The management of Fertilizers and Chemicals is totally committed to maintaining the well-being of our most important resource, our workforce - and, therefore to upholding ICL Fertilizers' Safety and Health Policy.

All safety matters are coordinated through ICL Fertilizers' Safety Center, where information is exchanged about specific safety issues and steps are promptly taken to improve safety situations.

Fertilizers and Chemicals has set quantitative safety and health goals based on established procedures worldwide - and has been certified for the ISO 9001:2000 production standards and for the ISO 14001 environmental protection standard. These certifications are reviewed by external bodies to ensure our compliance. We also regularly assess and enhance our quantitative goals, based on comparisons with similar companies around the world.

Management ensures that all safety laws are enforced in accordance with commonly-accepted international procedures, in order to prevent hazardous events. We are also committed to full transparency and cooperation with safety and health authorities.

Fertilizers and Chemicals devotes the maximum resources to maintaining and improving safety at all our facilities. We believe that excellence in safety leads to excellence in business - and that a safe, pleasant work environment will help us achieve our corporate objectives in the best possible manner.

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