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ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH - together with our mother company, ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V. - supplies over one million tons of high-quality fertilizer products each year to customers throughout Europe.

A business unit of ICL Fertilizers, ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH produces fully and partially-acidulated granular P, NP, PK and NPK fertilizers, at our manufacturing facility in Ludwigshafen-Mundenheim. This plant is fully equipped for fast, efficient loading and is conveniently located on the River Rhine and adjacent to major highways - enabling our customers to benefit from consistently superior service and timely delivery. The products are either delivered in bulk or bags (50, 25 and 600 kg).

Responsiveness is further enhanced by our local high-speed blending operation in Ludwigshafen and additional storage and modern blending operation in Bülstringen. This combination also gives our customers a wide variety of product mix and of transport and transshipment options.

As more customers require customized product solutions, we have dramatically increased production capacity and flexibility. Both our facilities now offer sophisticated blending capabilities, allowing us to rapidly produce substantial quantities of tailor-made products.

The sale and distribution of ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH products is coordinated through ICL Fertilizers Europe.

Contact ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH to find out more and see how we can meet your fertilizer needs.

Contact information:

 ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH
Giuilinistrasse 2, D-67065 Ludwigshafen, Germany

tel  0049-621-5793 753
fax 0049-621-5793 750

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