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Hi Phos 18 Export (DCP)

DCP (Di Calcium Phosphate) is widely used as feed additives for livestock and poultry diets because of its high biological value. 

Our DCP "Hi-Phos 18" is an excellent source of readily available phosphorus and calcium, two essential nutrients for all animals. It improves livestock and poultry performance by building and maintaining a strong skeleton, optimizing muscle growth and maximizing meat, egg and milk production.

Physical analysis: DCP powder, 95% less than 0.4 mm

Supply: Big bags, small bags and bulk

Produced at: Rotem Turkey

Animal Feed
General Specifications / Typical Properties
Product CategoryCalcium phosphate (animal feed)
Nutrient CompositionP=18% Ca=28%
FormulaCaHPO4.2H2O "Dihydrate"
Terms Of Use