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Store Bülstringen
To improve the supply possibilities in North and East Germany, ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH maintains a close cooperation with BARO Lagerhaus GmbH in Bülstringen (near Magdeburg), a storage terminal with a capacity of approx. 8.000 tons of fertilizers. By operating a modern blending unit, NPK fertilizers, blended from produced P and PK fertilizers with N components, can be offered in a broad range. Also blending of tailor-made PK's is possible.

ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH offers the following industrial grades from Bülstringen:

G r a d e s
PK 10+30 (+6+5)
PK 11+22 (+6+6)
PK 12+24 (+0+6)
PK 20+30

Blend products and blend components are offered on demand.

BARO Lagerhaus is a modern, innovative enterprise for transshipment, storage and logistics of both bulk and bagged products.

The company is located at the Mittellandkanal and has its own port and railway connection.

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