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The production unit in Ludwigshafen is working according to the TA-Luft standard of emissions.

By having regular meetings with neighbours, authorities and politicians together with the other users of the Gewerbegebied Süd, ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH tries to keep a good understanding with all stakeholders.

 ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH  is supporting the Responsible Care program of the industry. 

In case of environmental problems the companies on the industrial estate can be notified using the toll-free number 0800-4485464.

ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH is investing substantial amounts of money in improving environmental equipment (for example in 2001 Euro 300.000 in a new stack of 40 meters high).

As member of ICL Fertilizers Europe,  ICL Fertilizers Deutschland GmbH adheres to the safety and environmental policy of this group.

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