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Fully soluble formulations with macro- and micro-nutrients.
Long-lasting penetration technology for improved foliar nutrition.
Special grades available include 'Booster', 'Pre-bloom', etc.

The NutriVant Advantage in Foliar Application

The efficiency of agrochemicals applied as foliar sprays is greatly impaired by the leaf cuticle, a tough membrane that acts as a natural 'skin' that blocks the penetration of nutritional elements, pesticides, bio-stimulants and hormones.

The new range of NutriVant products contain FertiVant, an environmentally friendly, built-in adjuvant that breaks through this barrier. The result is seen in dramatic increases in yield, quality, and profits. FertiVant was developed by scientists at Israel's Ben-Gurion University.

FertiVant + nutrient mix = NutriVant

The FertiVant Triple Action Formula

FertiVant's advanced and persistent delivery system, especially developed for foliar application, works in three ways:

It enhances the permeability of the cuticle to active substances;

It ensures even spreading of the drops of spray on the surface; and

It firmly attaches the active ingredients to the leaf surface, and delays evaporation

Proven Effective Worldwide

Five years of intensive laboratory research and field testing have demonstrated that NutriVant is superior to equivalent products on the market today. NutriVant offers a number of outstanding, proven benefits:

An unprecedented increase in size and numbers of fruits;

Improved crop quality;

Greater and faster penetration of nutritional NPK elements of ionic (MKP and KNO3) and non-ionic (urea) fertilizers, and microelements;

It requires less volume of spray, which lowers the nutrient cost per hectare; and

The accelerated nutrient penetration persists for as long as 4 weeks.

The NutriVant Product Line

All NutriVant products offer a coated combination of FertiVant (FV) - the persistent delivery system - with advanced nutritional formula mixes (macro- and micro-elements) in one uniform product. They include:

Starter NutriVant (CitrusVant) for Early Development Stage (11-36-24+TE+FV)

Element content: N(NH2)-11%; P2O5-36%; K2O-24% plus Trace Elements.

For citrus, vegetable, and field crops.

Booster NutriVant (CitrusVant) for the Fruit Development Stage (8-16-39+TE+FV)

Element content: N(NO3)-8%; P2O5-16%; K2O-39% plus Trace Elements.

For citrus, vegetables, and fields crops.

PeaK NutriVant (0-49-32+FV)

Element Content: N-0%; P2O5-49%; K2O-32%.

For olives, citrus, vegetables, and field crops.

Olive NutriVant for the Pre-Bloom Stage (10-33-21+1.8B+FV)

Element content: N(NH2)-10%; P2O5-33%; K2O-21%; B-1.8%.

For spring application.

Olive NutriVant for the Fruit Development Stage (8-16-40+FV)

Element content: N(NO3)-8%; P2O5-16%; K2O-40%. For summer application.

How To Apply NutriVant

To Spray:

Put the recommended amount of NutriVant powder in the sprayer tank basket (for citrus 2-3%).

Fill the tank, letting the water pass through the basket until the powder is completely dissolved.

Continue agitating to achieve an even suspension.

Spray successively, if required, at 14-day intervals.

Pre-bloom applications are best applied to closed flowers buds in a single spraying, 2-4 weeks before bloom.

For best results:

Spray early in the morning or late in the afternoon;

Avoid spraying plants that are under stress;

Use the spray at medium volume and try to avoid run-off;

NutriVant is generally compatible with pesticides and fertilizers, but check the compatibility with a jar test before mixing the product.

Easy to use

NutriVant comes in a powdered form, packaged in 15- or 20-kg bags.

The powder is fully soluble, and forms a suspension on dissolving.

Produced at: Rotem Amfert Negev

General Specifications / Typical Properties
Product CategorySoluble fertilizers
Nutrient CompositionVarious Ratios
NutrientsN P K Micro
FormulaNPK ┬▒ micro + FV adjuvant
Terms Of Use