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About Us 
About Iberpotash

Iberpotash, a business unit of ICL Fertilizers, is a producer and supplier of potash fertilizers for agriculture and industry uses. Iberpotash produces over one million tons of red potash for fertilizers from our two mines in Catalonia, Spain. These mines represent one of Europe's most important potash resources, conveniently located near the major potash consumption areas of the European Union.

We are continuously upgrading our mining, production and loading technology, along with our transportation network, to ensure that our customers receive an uninterrupted supply and timely delivery of this essential agricultural fertilizer. Our mines are in close proximity to local highways and railways, as well as the port of Barcelona, where Iberpotash manages its own terminal, warehouses and vessel-loading facilities.

In addition, we share many synergies and logistics with other ICL Fertilizers businesses in Europe. The benefits for our customers include a broad product offering and enhanced production, storage, blending and delivery options - guaranteeing the highest quality materials, responsive service and optimal shipping to all destinations.

The sale and distribution of Iberpotash products is coordinated through ICL Fertilizers Europe.

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