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Our History 

Our History
The history of Iberpotash goes back over 90 years, when potash was first discovered in Suria. This discovery resulted in numerous additional drillings by a variety of different companies - and a better understanding of the limits and capacity of the Catalan Potash Basin.

Today, Iberpotash is one of Europe's most important potash resources, conveniently located near the major potash consumption areas of the European Union.

  • 1912   Potash discovered in Suria
  • 1920   First mining concessions granted. Minas de Potasa de Suria (Solvay ET Cie) begins operations in Shaft nº1 in Suria.
  • 1929   Potasas Ibéricas started in Sallent
  • 1948   La Minero S.A. started in Balsareny
  • 1960   Minas de Potasa de Suria (Solvay ET Cie) begins operation in Cabanasas mine in Suria
  • 1972   Potasas Ibéricas and La Minero S.A. form Potasas del Llobregat S.A. (ERT)
  • 1986   Minas de Potasa de Suria becomes a public company, named Suria K (INI) 
  • 1992   Potasas del Llobregat is acquired by INI and, together with Suria K, becomes Grupo Potasas 
  • 1998   ICL Fertilizers acquires Grupo Potasas and forms Iberpotash as its owner
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