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TSP ROP - Triple Super Phosphate Run of Pile

Single Superphosphate is produced by grinding and acidulating rock phosphate. Grinding increases the reactivity, and acidulation with sulfuric acid makes the phosphate water-soluble, which enables the plants to absorb the fertilizer. The high water-solubility of the P2O5 content in Single Superphosphate increases the effectiveness of the fertilizer.

Because of the use of sulfuric acid in its production, Single Super Phosphate contains a large amount of soluble sulfur, which makes it ideal for soils with S-deficiency. There is also a considerable amount of Ca in the product.

Single Superphoshate is used both for direct application and in the production of granular compound fertilizers; it is available in both granular and powder forms.

Produced at: ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V.

General Specifications / Typical Properties
Product CategoryPhosphate fertilizers
Nutrient Composition0-45-0
Terms Of Use