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Iberpotash quality management system covers the activities for mine planning, mining, ore treatment, sales and distribution of Potassium and Sodium salts. Iberpotash is the first Spanish mining company certifying its management system for all underground activities and operations. From a full process management view, system procedures reach as far as:

  • Mine planning.
  • Geology at all levels.
  • All underground mining operations.
  • Ore treatment and processing.
  • Maintenance and all surface operations.
  • Sales & distribution.
  • Human and all manufacturing resources.

Iberpotash is promoting and developing a set of actions to be able to tackle all changes and challenges being suffered by our working environment. By working environment, Iberpotash considers not just its outer environment formed by:

  • The fertilizers market
  • Iberpotash customers and competitors
  • The community in which Iberpotash is based

 but also, its inner environment formed by:

  • Iberpotash human resources.
  • Iberpotash natural resources.

 These actions will allow Iberpotash to create working systems to improve and make safer all our daily activities.
These initiatives are being focused on key areas. Health and safety, environment, mine planning, mining, maintenance, ore processing and customer satisfaction are taking the main part of Iberpotash efforts. These initiatives are being designed to help us in a better organisation control and to obtain a fully predictable working environment.

Supporting these strategies, Iberpotash is working under the ISO 9001:2008 management systems. Iberpotash is looking for an exceptional working team, able to access and handle the required technology and know-how. At the same time, Iberpotash is determined to develop all his employees to become the leader and reference point in the fertilizers sector.

From these initiatives, Iberpotash is delivering to its customers a high quality product, with a high added value and a product suited to its customer requirements. In order to maintain the quality standards, Iberpotash will develop and support new safety practices, new technologies, a fully trained workforce, respect within the organisation and high efficiency systems.

Iberpotash daily effort goes through our commitment with continuous improvement techniques, availability of the necessary resources, infrastructure improvements and taking on the latest technological and scientific advances. Iberpotash will facilitate know-how and technology transfers with its colleagues of the ICL group of companies.


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