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Safety & Labour Health
Iberpotash focuses constantly on the objective of eliminating or minimising risks that could affect safety and health of all of its employees, contractors or general public. The daily work in Iberpotash always considers an element of vital importance: The Safety.

As a preventive measure, IBP carries out "zero tolerance" strategy, based on the following key aspects:

  • No one observes an unsafe situation without taking an appropriate action.
  • No one observes someone behaving in an unsafe manner without requiring him to stop.
  • No one allows a workmate to work under unsafe conditions.

Safety and health are responsibilities of all managers of the company. The Management Team is responsible for assuring the layout organisation and the appropriate resources for the fulfilment of the safety and labour health policy and also to supervise its implementation and efficiency.

To achieve this aim Iberpotash:

  • will implement all national European legislative requirements for the safety and health of its employees.

  • will demonstrate a clear commitment with all managers showing a proactive attitude in all subjects related to health and safety.

  • will try to avoid unsafe conditions and attitudes.

  • will adapt the work to each person, particularly in what refers to the job conception, as well as the choice of teams and work and production methods.

  • will carry out a Health Surveillance appropriate to his employees.

  • will provide effective instructions, training and supervision.

  • will assure that employees are capable and competent for their duties.

  • will assure that all employees are totally conscious of its responsibilities regarding safety, health and wellness.

  • will avoid risks, evaluating the ones which cannot be avoided and fighting against them in its origin.

  • will involve all employees at all levels, starting from managers and including collaborator companies.


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