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Phosphorus is an essential nutrient, both as a component of several key plant structural compounds, and as a catalyst in numerous key biochemical reactions in plants. Phosphorus is noted especially for its role in capturing and converting the sun's energy into useful plant compounds.

Phosphorus is a component of various enzymes and proteins. It is a vital component of DNA, the genetic "memory unit" of all living things. It is also a component of RNA, the compound that reads the DNA genetic code, to build proteins and other compounds essential for plant structure, seed production, and genetic transfer. The structures of both DNA and RNA are held together by phosphorus bonds. Phosphorus is a vital component of ATP, the "energy unit" of plants. ATP forms during photosynthesis, has phosphorus in its structure, and participates in processes from the beginning of seedling growth through to seed formation, and maturity.

Phosphorus is essential for the general health and vigor of all plants. Some specific growth factors that have been associated with phosphorus addition are: stimulated root development, increased stalk and stem strength, improved flower formation and seed production, more uniform and earlier crop maturity, increased nitrogen-fixing capacity of legumes, improvements in crop quality, and increased resistance to plant diseases.

Deficiency symptoms: Slow growth; weak and stunted plants. Older leaves with dark green color and purple pigmentation. Since P is mobile in the plant, the bottom leaves are always affected first.

Fertilizer sources: 

Phosphate fertilizers are manufactured by ICL Fertilizers from phosphate rock obtained from surface mining operations in the Negev desert. ICL Fertilizers manufactures phosphate fertilizers and compound fertilizers which are based on potassium and phosphorus, and some of which include nitrogen.

Our main phosphate-based products include:

  • Phosphate rock: for the production of downstream products; for use in direct application; and as raw material for fertilizer manufacture.

  • Phosphoric acid: raw material for the manufacture of Triple Super Phosphates (TSP)  and PK fertilizers.

  • Granulated P fertilizers (GTSP/GSSP): for direct application as well as for use as components in mixtures and bulk blends.

  • Powdered P fertilizers (TSP/SSP): for the manufacture of compound fertilizers.

  • Granulated PK/NPK (GPK/GNPK): finished fertilizers sold to agricultural markets, for direct application and bulk blending.

  • PeaK: (MKP, monopotassium phosphate, KH2PO4) is a specialty fertilizer for hydroponics, fertigation, foliar nutrition and special starters. PeaK is a solid, fully water-soluble PK fertilizer containing 52% P2O5 and 34% K2O. It is produced and marketed by ICL Fertilizers' specialties business unit, NovaPeak.

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