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ICL’s Code of Ethics


This document contains the core values that we have defined for our Company as well as guidelines for the ethical and appropriate conduct of ICLs management and employees.

ICLs corporate culture is based on fundamental values that include fairness in business, responsibility, excellence and constant improvement, respect towards others and embracing diversity, commitment to safety and to the wellbeing of the communities surrounding us, and commitment to the environment. Collectively, these values, together with our firm commitment to complying with all laws, regulations, compliance programs and procedures, will enable the sustainable growth and prosperity of the Company.

To provide a firm foundation for this culture and values, in 2005 ICLs Board of Directors adopted a Code of Ethics to define appropriate rules of conduct for the Company. As a living document, we continually seek to improve our Code to ensure that it remains relevant. Accordingly, in the last few months ICLs Board of Directors reviewed and revised our Code of Ethics in order to make sure it addresses the issues that we face on a day-to-day basis in the conduct of our business.

A Code of Ethics is beneficial only if it is used. To that end, we strive to integrate and implement the values and principals outlined in it on an ongoing basis through guidance, training sessions, published materials, integration with other corporate activities and audit mechanisms. In addition, in some of the countries where we operate, we have established ethics committees, mandated with implementing the Code, by, among other things, defining internal procedures and discussing ethical dilemmas that are raised by employees.

Throughout our history, we have never wavered in our efforts to uphold and promote our core values. Every day, our management and employees are required to make decisions that have ethical implications. We trust that this updated Code will serve as an even more effective tool for helping us make correct decisions, conduct our business activities fairly, uphold the law and create mutual respect.


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