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ICL’s Corporate Responsibility Report for 2011

We are pleased to present ICL’s Corporate Responsibility Report for 2011. This is our fifth report detailing the Company’s significant efforts and investments in line with our commitment to corporate and environmental responsibility, and our second in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We intend to continue reporting in this format in the future.

Over the past several years, ICL has been engaged in a  significant expansion of its operations around the world, and we have invested a significant effort to present as much information as possible about our activities in more than 50 locations. In each subsequent report, we have offered information about more locations than in the last, and in this report, we have reported on the environmental aspect of the activities that contribute more than 90% of our revenues.

The preparation and publication of this report is part of our  serious, uncompromising commitment to sustainability management. This commitment is demonstrated through a broad variety of concrete activities, including significant ongoing investment in environmental management, research and development of sustainable processes and products, measurement of the environmental impact of our activities, efforts to reduce emissions and to mitigate climate change, conservation of biodiversity as related to our operations, the carrying out of an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, investment in the community and far-reaching efforts to assure the health and welfare of our employees.

Our commitment to sustainability and transparency is an integral part of ICL’s business strategy. We hope that this report serves as a comprehensive response to our stakeholders’ interest in our activities.

Throughout the report, we present examples of ICL’s recent significant investment in environmental projects in our plants.

  ICL’s Corporate Responsibility Report for 2011 (PDF)

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