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Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd. is the largest company in Israel for phosphate rock mining and processing, and for producing phosphoric acid of agricultural and food grade, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium based fertilizers and chemicals for technical, food and pharmaceutical uses. The company phosphate rock mines and company production facilities are located in desert regions.

The company is committed to cooperating with all the authorities and organizations in-charge of protecting the environment. This commitment has led the company to join the Covenant of Air Pollution Abatement, signed between the Ministry of the Environment and the Manufacturers Association of Israel. The company also signed the Treaty for Sustainable Development of the World Business Organization. The company has committed to act as required to ensure compliance with all environmental requirements under these conventions and under the law.

The company is committed to minimizing its environmental effects, to implement and maintain an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO - 14001 and to act in order to achieve continual improvement of its environmental performance.

The company has established a long-term work plan to meet these objectives:

Restoration of current and planned mining sites according to landscape architectural plans and subject to Planning Authorities approval, with an effort to preserve landscape values, all within the framework of past and ongoing actions to this end.
The design and construction of new plants are done according to the best available technologies, which are economically applicable, aimed to minimize pollutant emissions to the environment and comply with self imposed environmental quality requirements.
Gradual improvement of existing company facilities as required, to ensure better environmental performance subject to legal requirements. To attain these goals, Company Management shall set annual plans listing goals, responsibilities, financial and human resources as required for implementation. Actions taken and goals attained under the annual plan shall be reported annually to company's Board of Directors and to the authorities entrusted with responsibilities for environmental protection.
Company's Environmental policy under the requirements of ISO-14001 shall be distributed as specified herein to all company employees, imparted through procedures and training programs, and made available to the public.
Company Management and all company employees consider themselves responsible for, committed to and involved in all efforts to ensure environmental quality and to implement company's Environmental Policy.
Environmental award to industry

Rotem Amfert Negev has received the Certificate of Merit 2000-2001 by the Ministry of Environment, Israel. This award is for the activities, efforts and achievements in preventing industrial impacts on the environment and for promoting environmental protection in Israel.
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