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Our History 

Time Line  
ICL Fertilizers' history begins in the early 20th century with the first efforts to extract minerals from the Dead Sea in Israel's South. After Israel's independence in 1948, several state-owned companies were created to extract minerals from the Negev Desert and transform them into chemical products.

Rotem phosphate plant - 1954

Historic Milestones

  • 1952  Establishment of Negev Phosphates Ltd. as a state-owned company to exploit the phosphates reserves in the Negev Desert.
  • 1966  Arad Chemical Industries is established to manufacture phosphoric acid 
  • 1975  Negev Phosphates and Arad Chemical Industries merge 
  • 1977  Establishment of Rotem Fertilizers Ltd. to process phosphate rock into phosphoric acid and fertilizers
  • 1978  Negev Star established through equal partnership with Zim Lines 
  • 1982  Acquisition of the fertilizer plant ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V. in Amsterdam, Holland
  • 1989  Merger of Rotem and ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V., creation of the Rotem Amfert Group
  • 1991  Negev Phosphates merges with Rotem Amfert, creating Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd.
  • 1994  MKP Plant begins production
  • 1997  The new Rotem 2 plants begin production of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and fertilizers
  • 1999  The Ofer Group purchased control of the Israel Corporation which controls ICL.
  • 2000 Rotem Amfert Negev acquired a feed phosphate production unit in Turkey and started operating under the name of Rotem Turkey.
  • 2001 Dead Sea Works & Rotem Amfert Negev are unified to form ICL Fertilizers 
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