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P Rock Arad - Reactive Phosphate Rock

Israeli phosphate rocks are of marine origin and are located in the eastern part of the Negev Desert. The Arad Phosphate Rock is a reactive phosphate rock characterized by its high solubility in citric/formic acid. Because of its high reactivity, this rock is recommended for direct application as an effective P source in acid soils and for crops with long growing periods (pastures, plantations, orchards and forests).

Arad P rock has been approved in Israel for use in Organic Farming. It has been certified by the IBBOA (Israel Bio Organic Agriculture Association) in accordance with the standards of IFOAM and EEC regulation no. 2092/91. For organic crops, Arad P rock is used as the P source for the plants, since it is a natural mineral fertilizer approved for organic agriculture. Arad P rock is a natural mineral product, prepared without the use of any chemical or synthesis  reactions.

Organic certificate (800K)


It has been approved for organic agriculture;
It has a relatively high residual effect, i.e. it benefits crops grown in subsequent years;
It is a very effective P source in tropical environments;
It has a liming effect (i.e., it increases soil pH) and contains other nutrients, including calcium and micronutrients;
It can be mixed with other fertilizers, including urea;
It is eco-friendly, without contaminants or hazardous residues, and with low cadmium levels (approx. 20 ppm).

Produced at: Rotem Amfert Negev

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Rotem Amfert Negev
General Specifications / Typical Properties
Product CategoryPhosphate rock
Nutrient Composition0-33-0
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