Granular Potash

Potassium improves your crop quality in fruit, root, leaf and grain.
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Potash is the most widely used potassium (K) fertilizer in agriculture worldwide. Potash fertilizer is:

  • fully soluble, with all nutrients available for plant uptake
  • ideal potassium source for all chloride-tolerant crops and soils
  • compatible with all modern mechanical spreaders, producing easy and uniform distribution in the field
  • proven to deliver superior yields, improved quality and increased profitability

Granular potash is used both for direct application and for bulk blending (mixing of dry fertilizers to obtain a NPK formulation). Granular potash has the ideal granule size and superior physical properties for straight application in the field. Characteristics appreciated by farmers include that it is: · straightforward to load and transport · tailored for mechanical spreading

Nutrients content
Nitrogen Total (N)0
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205)0
Potassium Oxide (K2O) 60%
Water soluble (K2O)60%

ICL DSW Granular MOP

ICL Iberia Granular MOP