NPK 7-9-17 (+2MgO+10S+5CaO)

ICL NPK has a range of compound fertilizers are containing nitrogen, superphosphate and potash (NPK) – the most essential plant nutrients which maximize crop yield and quality. Our NPK's granules designed to meet all the specific crop requirements.

In modern agriculture, nutrients are applied according to crop, soil, climate and type of farm. ICL Fertilizers can supply tailor-made fertilizers of high quality, with or without MgO and/or trace elements. Most of these fertilizers contain considerable amounts of sulfur.

 ICL NPK fertilizers contain a large amount of sulfur because of the use of ammonium sulfate as a raw material. 

ICL Fertilizers products conform with the legal requirements and guarantee you the optimal mineral contents. Our fertilizers ensure excellent availability of nutrients to the root system.

The variation in the granules is minimal, which ensures an even spreading pattern. The hardness of the granule is very good, which guarantees the maintenance of quality during handling, bulk blending and applying on the field.

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Achieve superior yields, improved quality and increased profitability with all these advantages of NPK fertilizers:

  • balanced nutrient supply for all crops and soils

  • Highly efficient fertilizer: each qualitative nutrient makes this compound a top-player (the water-soluble phosphate it contains is very quickly and easily absorbed by plants)

  • NPK fertilizers provide a balanced nutrient supply throughout crop growth

  • Good hardness guarantees maintenance of the quality during handling and field application.

  • Extra nutrients in NPK fertilizers (S, Ca and Mg) reduce the risk of soil deficiencies and help ensure higher crop yield and quality

Note: Tailor-made ICL NPK products with additional micronutrients available on request
Nutrients content
Nitrogen Total (N)7%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205)9%
Water soluble (P205)9%
Potassium Oxide (K2O) 17%
Water soluble (K2O)17%