PK 20-30 (+2S+13CaO)

Precisely meet your crop needs with this balanced formulation of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) nutrients, together with essential sulphur (S), magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca). All these are packed into every granule ready to provide the balanced and consistent nutrition your crop needs for healthy growth.

By separating PK use from N application you can apply N when it is most needed by your crop. This also avoids waste and unnecessary costs to your business, and the environment, from N overdosing and leaching.

PK fertilizers are easy to use. They are suitable for direct application in fields, orchards and plantations. They can also be used in bulk blending of NPK formulations.

Find your PK fertilizer formula that precisely meets your specific crop requirements. Use our PK fertilizers to boost your soil fertility level to supply your crop needs and be rewarded with a bigger, better harvest.

AdvantagesDescriptionMain UsesDirections for use

Achieve superior yields, improved quality and increased profitability with all these advantages of PK fertilizers:

  • balanced nutrient supply for all crops and soils
  • good granule hardness and uniform size guarantees quality during handling and bulk blending, and an even spread pattern in the field
  • applied before planting, PK fertilizers provide a foundation of balanced nutrient supply throughout crop growth
  • secondary nutrients in PK fertilizers (S, Ca and Mg) reduce the risk of soil deficiencies and help ensure higher crop yield and quality
Note: Tailor-made ICL PK products with additional micronutrients available on request
Nutrients content
Nitrogen Total (N)0%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205)20%
Water soluble (P205)20%
Potassium Oxide (K2O) 30%
Water soluble (K2O)30%